Ten Questions With Kevin Dalton

Who Is Kevin Dalton?

I'm not a politician. I'm am not a millionaire. I am a citizen of Los Angeles that is tired of seeing his city fall to ruins.

Why Are You Doing This?

I can no longer drive by the endless tent cities assuming our government is going to handle it. Traffic has exponentially increased over the past twenty years with ZERO answers. People are dying becasue we are not provided basic factual nutritional information. It is up to us to find better solutions.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Not running Los Angeles into the ground over the past three decades.

Why Don't You Like The Word "Homeless"?

They are not homeless. I hate the word homeless. I hate the word homeless for two reasons. #1 it is inaccurate. #2 due to its inaccuracy we focus on ineffective solutions.

A home will not solve the problem for most of the humans living on the street. Say a person is Jacketless; a jacket solves the problem. If a person is Slinkyless; a Slinky will remedy the situation. If a person is homeless and given a home, you still have a human with crippling addiction and or trauma and or mental illness and or lack of job training and or little family structure and or feelings of abandonment from society that have not been treated. A Solution is helping them to be contributing members of society. Warehousing them helps nobody. I have actual solutions that will help the Humans living on our streets. Check them out right here.

What Is Your Political Party?


Did you know you could do that? Up until a few months ago I didn't either.

I believe that we are politically set up to fail from the beginning by aligning ourselves into opposing groups.

If we ever want to make a difference with our vote we need to start voting for the candidates and not the letter next to their names.

Break away from the broken system by (Re)Registering to Vote here: (Re)Registering

Where Can People Donate?

Nowhere. Never. Billions are spent/wasted on political campaigns. If you don't believe in this message enough to push the share button, then spending insane amounts of money on signs, stickers, and ad space won't help. Politics has become completely overrun by corruption. This campaign will never ask for a dollar from any individual, corporation, crime family, and or super PAC. I am beholden to nobody but the people of Los Angeles.

Traffic Is Hopeless, Right?

If you ask our current elected officials the answer is yes. Their only "solution" is to spend billions of our dollars on expanding roadways that fill up immediately. Then repeat and repeat and repeat. I have actual solutions that can drastically reduce your commute time in half. Check them out right here

What Makes You A Health Expert?

Nothing but my own experience. It wasn't that long ago I was 70 pounds overweight and living an unhealty lifestyle. I believe Everyone has the right to proper nutritional information that is easily accessable and presented in terms we can all understand.

What's With All The Purple?

Purple is a combinatin of blue and red. We have been pitted against each other over an "R" and a "D" for far too long. If we work together to find solutions instead of trying to defeat the other side we can set an example for the rest of the Country.

OK. No Donations. What If People Want To Help?

I am going to need help, at this point however, I don't even know how much help I am going to need. That being confusingly said... If you want to help out in any way click here. Together we can create a better Los Angeles