For the sixth consecutive year Los Angeles has been given the “honor” of the worst traffic in the world. Eric Garcetti and City Hall have ZERO solutions. Our roads are overcrowded, gridlocked, and comically under-maintained. Our elected officials don't care about your commute time because they can't figure out how to make money from making you go faster. Try letting your parking meter run out for three minutes. That’s a $65 ticket. That they have figured out. Shocking…

Here are three ways we can solve Los Angeles’s traffic problem:

    1. We need less cars on the road

Study after study shows the bigger we make our roads, the more cars we will put on them. We are like a lizard growing to the size of its terrarium. I can’t explain why exactly but it's science so let’s deal with it. We have these magical Ridesharing services called Lyft and Uber. Both these companies already have the infrastructure to pick up multiple passengers from multiple locations. Instead of spending Billions on new roads, Los Angeles can subsidies any ride that takes at least three licensed drivers off the road.

    2. We need to be better drivers

Everyone behind the wheel, move a lane to the right. OK, that is a good start. We have to start working together on the road. Using a blinker, merging, not gridlocking intersections; these are all things we have complete control over. With a few minor adjustments we could save ourselves HOURS a week.

    3. We need the City to get involved in some way

Immediately transition 50% of the city’s behemoth fleet of “Parking Enforcement” to “Traffic Enforcement”. Traffic Enforcement will be deployed to known intersections that have the biggest issues. An actual person on the street directing traffic will dramatically increase the efficiency of the intersections. A second Traffic Enforcement can also be deployed to write $500 tickets for gridlock, running red lights, or anything else damaging the flow of traffic.


With fewer cars on the road, better drivers behind those cars, and the city doing…anything we can change the landscape of traffic in Los Angeles in months.

What do you think of my Solutions? What are your Solutions?

Leave your comments and Solutions below.