March To The Mayor FAQ

What Is This March To The Mayor All About?

On Saturday August 31st we will MARCH from every corner of LA to the only neighborhood in Los Angeles that is seemingly unaffected by the Homeless Epidemic. "Coincidentally" this neighborhood is also home to "Mayor" Eric Garcetti.

United as One Los Angeles, those experiencing homeless and their allies will RALLY in front of the Mayor's residence. Food and Services will be provided as long as resources last.

Finally those with no where else to go can ENCAMP. Those with RVs, Cars, and Tents are encouraged to stay in Windsor Square.

Eric Garcetti must be confronted with the Crisis he created.

Where Does The March Begin?

That depends on you. The Rally will being at 2pm in front of Eric Garcetti’s home, The Getty House 605 S Irving Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90010. If that is a walkable distance from your home then grab your signs, walking shoes, friends, family, and hit the sidewalk.

How Will We Rally?

Guest speakers, entertainment, and free food for those experiencing homelessness.

All food is either being donated by local restaurants, food trucks or through a “Buy one, Give one” opportunity.

What Do You Mean By Encamp?

Windsor Square happens to be one of the few places in Los Angeles with ZERO homeless issues. It is also home to some of LA’s top politicos like Eric Garcetti and Maxine Waters. While we will march together with the homeless to Eric Garcetti’s home, those without a home will be encouraged to stay. Let LA’s “elite” experience what we are forced to endure on a daily basis.

What If I Don't Want To March?

As it turns out there are 10 parking structures within five blocks of the Getty House. Street parking is also available throughout the neighborhood but please read signs for restrictions. The one thing this city does with wild efficiency is writing parking tickets.

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