Humans Living On Our Streets

Eric Garcetti's master plan to shelter the Humans living on our streets by 2028 is underway. 45 of our 53,000 Humans living on our streets will now be sheltered for 2.7 million dollars. That's $60,000 a human. By 2028 the remaining 52,955 (assuming the population doesn't increase. ha) Humans will all have shelter. $3,177,300,000 is the price tag to make it all happen. Where the other 1,177 shelters will go? That's another story all together.


This is not a solution. Even if this was a 100% success we will have only warehoused the problem instead of solving it.


Here is my solution to the epidemic of Humans living on our streets:


   #1 - We need to agree Humans living on our streets is unacceptable.

In Los Angeles we hold ourselves to a higher compassion standard. If someone were attempting suicide someone would intervene. Yet for some reason it is OK to step over a Human deteriorating on the sidewalk. Los Angeles is better than that.


   #2 - This is a disaster

It's time to get FEMA and Uncle Sam involved. The 53,000 Humans living on our streets are only part of the problem. Homeless encampments are becoming plauge Petri dishes and the sickness that could be unleased will be medieval. We need temporary housing/treatment for 20,000ish people. This housing/treatment will include job training, legal help, and whatever resources are needed to become fully functioning members of society.


   #3 - If you do not want to participate you will have to go elsewhere.

We will make every effort to provide assistance to those who want it. Nobody will be forced into treatment. That being said if you no longer want to participate in society you will have to go somewhere else. 



Eric Garcetti proposes to spend billions to cover up this problem when the world's eyes will be upon Los Angeles for the 2028 Olympics. I would like to solve this problem for Los Angeles by 2020.

What do you think of my Solutions? What are your Solutions?

Leave your comments and Solutions below.