According to PublicHealth.LACounty.Gov 11,677 of us died in 2012 from heart disease. 31 Angelinos every day. They go on to estimate more than 52,000 years were lost due to premature death. 52,000 YEARS families, friends, and communities were denied because we lack basic nutritional information.


Example. In 2002 LAUSD banned sodas in schools due to high sugar content. What did they replace the high sugar soda with? High sugar fruit and sports drinks of course… This is Our government setting us up to fail multiplied by two. We are getting the same massive amount of sugar and worse yet, now we think we are making a healthy decision. To their credit, they did identify sugar as an issue.

Here are three ways we can work toward a healthy Los Angeles:

   #1 - Stop drinking Sugar

You may have ditched the soda but that Orange juice, smoothie, or sports drinks can have just as much if not more sugar than your Coke.


   #2 - Stop eating sugar

This is trickier... Of course you know a Kit Kat or Snickers is not on the healthy side of the spectrum. The tricky part is most fruits have as much sugar as that candy bar. Ditching the Charleston Chew for the pineapple chunks does you no good...


   #3 - Move

Right behind Our Corn Syrup intake is our newfound love for a sedentary lifestyle. Take a short walk. No need to train for a  marathon. Anything more than you did yesterday is a step in the right direction.



We fight, march, and argue over healthcare. Let’s fight for Health. Let’s take back those 52,000 years

What do you think of my Solutions? What are your Solutions?

Leave your comments and Solutions below.