And The Rest

1. Human Equality - Regardless of sex, age, race, religion, orientation, and or income tax bracket I will fight for your Human Equality.

2. Safeguarding Our Schools - Parents and kids should not have to worry about shooters in Our schools. I will protect Our schools.

3. Improving Our Schools - Our schools are failing to educate and prepare students for life beyond 18. 

4. Taking Care of Our Veterans - Men and Women who sacrifice themselves for this country deserve Far better.

5. Repairing Our Infrastructure - Daily water main breaks and a failing electrical grid need to be addressed immediately.

6. Fixing Our Broken Criminal Justice System - People need to be punished for crimes without the rest of their lives being destroyed.

7. Prison Recidivism - After parole 75% of people go back to prison. Something needs to change.

8. Campaign Finance Reform - Politics has been almost completely corrupted. Removing money from the equation will help.

9. Term Limits - The job is not to be a career politician. How can you serve your constituents and run for reelection at the same time?

10. Tax Reform - More than 74,000 pages of intentionally confusing tax code... This whole process needs an overhaul.

What do you think are the biggest issues for Los Angeles?

Leave your comments and issues below.